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& Relaxation Massage

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Relaxation Facial

Our Relaxation Facial Massage can improve the appearance of skin by promoting and improving circulation & tones, while relaxing the muscles that tend to cause stress lines.


Deep Cleanse Facial

Our Deep Cleanse Facial consists of a cleansing mask followed by a toner and extractions to minimize pores and remove build-up. Paired with relaxing facial massage techniques to improve circulation.


Glycolic Facial

Glycolic facial peels are used with a glycolic acid derived from grapes.  These enzymes act like little pac-men eating away at the dead skin cells on the face, leaving skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Glycolic Facials help with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and dark spots.


Facial Friday Promotion

Enjoy a Custom Facial every Friday specifically tailored to suit your skin's utmost needs!

$60 (+$10 glycolic add-on)

Each facial is tailored to each clients specific skin type and needs.

Relaxation Massage

This full-body Relaxation Massage combines gentle kneading, tapping and long strokes directed towards the heart to improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow. This type of massage is ideal for anyone who's new to massage or just wants to bring down their stress levels after a long, tiring day!


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