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Spray Tans




3 for $130

Many places advertise less expensive tans but don't advertise the hidden fees.  A $50 tan becomes $70 after all the added gimmicks.  

Extended Beauty provides our clients with the best possible experience start to finish, including everything required for their tan, with no hidden costs.  This ensures every client receives the best experience every time.


Paraben Free - Mineral Oil Free - Paraffin Free - Glycerin Free - Gluten Free



Q: Is getting a spray tan before my vacation a good idea?

A: Absolutely! You will love having a beautiful golden glow prior to stepping on the beach or wherever your adventure takes you.

Q: Can you cover up tan lines?

A: Depending on the severity of the tan lines, getting a SunnaTan can definatley help to blend them.

Q: Is it wedding dress safe?

A: Before a bride gets her SunnaTan, it's crutial that she showers at least once or twice before putting on her dress so that there's no residual bronzer left on the skin.  Some brides see small amounts of bronzer run off where the boning of the dress touches their skin.  Warm temperstures and humidity play a factor.

Q: I got a sunburn an I am starting to peel.  Can I get a spray tan?

A: No.  When your skin is peeling, it's unknown for how long and how many layers will peel off, leaving a very uneven area to work with.  Getting a spray tan will only make the appearance of peeling skin look worse.

Q: Will the tan affect my tattoo?

A: It's recommended to wait 1-2 weeks after gettinga tattoo before getting a tan, unless you completely cover it.  After waiting a few weeks, you will be pleased with the way the spray tan can enhance your tattoo, making it pop!




As with any new product being introduced on the skin, there's always a possibility that any skin condition could temporarily worsen.  We cannot tell for sure whether this will happen or not, as everyone has individual skin types and conditions.  We've noticed that clients tend to find their skin condition improves with the use of SunnaTan spray tans and products.  If you are currently using a different sunless tanning product, or have noticed in the past that your skin condition worsens, you might find the opposite with SunnaTan.  It's as simple as comparing ingredients and ensuring there are no specific allergens listed .  When you look at what's in the SunnaTan solution, you will find that the ingredients are all designed to soothe and comfort the skin without irritation.  If you have problematic skin, you can inquire about a patch test on the areas of concern before tanning the entire body.

Imperfections after your tan

You may or may not notice slight imperfections after your tan.  Imperfections can vary from tan to tan and a generally unnoticeable.  After application, the bronzer in the solution may shift, move, rub off in areas or collect in the creases of the skin (around neck, arms, etc.)  During the first 12 hours, slight imperfections may be more noticeable (especially on fair skinned people).  If you are concerned about noticeable imperfections the next day, 99% of the time, showering will blend them.  If you haven't showered yet, you can use a small amount of lotion to blend any uneven areas.

Reactions/Breaking Out/ Rashes

The biggest chance of having a skin reaction occur is if you have just had a shower and exfoliated vigorously, or if the skin is broken  If you do react to our products it will most likely happen instantly.  Allergic reactions to natural ingredients can occur as well.  Please inform us if you are aware of any products that may trigger a reaction, including those with natural ingredients.

Waxing/Sugaring/Shaving/Pedi's/Mani's/Hair/Makeup/Lash Extensions

Waxing, sugaring and shaving should be done the day before the tan, not the same day.  These hair removal methods are a form of exfoliation.  Waxing and sugaring provide a deeper exfoliation and therefore cannot and should not be performed after the tan.  It will remove the entire tan.  You can shave but we suggest waiting at least 24 hours and to use a fresh new razor along with a non-chemical shaving lotion or cream.  We also recommend using tanning extenders if you plan on shaving every day.

Always schedule you spray tan AFTER your manicure/pedicure or other esthetic appointments.  We recommend a dry pedicure or manicure prior to having your tan.  If you have not had the opportunity to schedule these beforehand, we advise you to go the next day after your tan has had a chance to set.

You can apply makeup after your tan, however suggest waiting as long as possible, at least 2 hours.  Avoid washing your face while the tan is developing (minimum 12 hours).

SunnaTan will not affect your eyelash extensions, however some eyelashes cannot get wet for 24 hours.

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